Proof Materials Project

The Report


The links below are to PDF FILES of the whole report and to individual chapters.

LOOKING FOR STRUCTURE: a full-colour high-resolution PRINTED version of the report, with extra scans and photographs can be purchased from HERE


PMP Report: complete (very large file: 15 MB)

1 Introduction (small file: 180 KB)

2 Choosing tasks and approaches to proof (fairly small file: 500 KB)

3 Making far generalisations to see structure (large file: 4.4 MB)

4 Geometric thinking (quite large file: 1.8 MB)

5 What do we know? Paving the way for local deduction (large file: 2.6 MB)

6 Consecutive numbers (large file: 2.7 MB)

7 Evaluating students' responses (quite large file: 1 MB)

8 Thought experiments (quite large file: 900 KB)

9 Conclusion (small file: 140 KB)

Appendices (item G1, G2b, A4c) (large file: 2.1 MB)